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Starting in the early '70's, in the days when nobody cared, I took my camera to rock concerts for the better part of a decade. Elbowing my way to the front I would seize what moments I could from the chaos, developing the black & white negatives later at home.

In excavating these archival images more then three decades later, I have resurrected my personal visual diary of a bygone era. While many of these gigantosaurs of pop culture are still plying their trade, as I have pursued the life of a filmmaker, these grainy monochrome images evoke a receding past and an almost quaint technology rapidly succumbing to the digital onslaught.

Through my still camera, I learned the elements of focus, exposure and image construction which were to become basic tools ofmy craft which has also moved relentlessly into the digital world over the last two decades.

So this exhibition of everlasting ephemera reflects my own crossover into the world of pixels, at the same time respecting the photo-chemical origin of these mementoes of my past.